COVID-19 In DoJo Safety Protocol

Class Size:
Limited to 15 students.
We suggest you arrive not more than 5 minutes before your class.
If you arrive more than 5 minutes late, you will not be allowed in.
Entry Protocol:
An instructor will health screen and sign in students upon arrival.
Each student will use hand sanitizer upon entry.
Masks are required for entry and at all times when you are in the DoJo.
Masks will be provided if necessary.
No Contact:
There will be no contact, no sparring, and no contact self-defense.
All students and guests are required to maintain 6 feet distancing.
Students will be allowed to have one guest.
Guest seating is limited and spaced out.
The DoJo is marked off with proper spacing.
Upon entry you will be assigned a space and will stay in that area unless instructed otherwise.
The drinking fountains are turned off.
You may bring bottled water or a sealed container of water if you wish.
All surfaces will be cleaned daily.
Equipment will be cleaned after each class.
We encourage you to plan to not use the bathrooms, but if you need to, all handles (door, water, toilet) must be wiped down after each use. Be sure to wash your hands.
We ask that you leave the DoJo not later than 5 minutes after your class.