About Isshinryu

Over the last 20 years we have been frequently asked by parents if karate would be good for their children. The answer is without a doubt. We recommend that kids have some type of structure in their lives. We have witnessed significant improvements in attitude, grades, respectfulness, and self awareness in many of the students we have taught. We are also frequently asked what type of karate would be good. Several years ago, we answered that question by saying "Simply Isshinryu." This is how we came up with the name Simply Isshinryu – which has now become our dojo and web-site name.

Of course other styles of karate are good some of which are better than others but in our hearts Isshinryu is the best. We opened our dojo because we want to share what we love with people and help other people who feel the same way promote this great art. Yes you heard it right, we said "Art." Karate is not all about fighting and learning how to fight. Karate is the art of self-defense. With karate you can learn how to diffuse a situation, and if need be, take care of your attacker.

Over the years, many fads have come and gone in the martial arts. "Tae-Bo," cardio- karate, kick-boxing, and mixed martial arts (MMA) to name just a few. At Simply Isshinryu Karate & Fitness, our students (called "karate-ka") learn techniques that work in real life situations. Isshinryu basics, Kata, and self defense that we teach do contain an aerobic or cardio-karate component but they also have take down, pressure point, rapid fire, grappling, and "get out of harm's way" components.

Our dojo uses a standardized curriculum that ensures consistency and fairness in determining when karate-ka are eligible for promotion. We teach all of the traditional Isshinryu "empty hand" and weapons katas, and while sparring is not a strict requirement, we encourage our karate-ka to spar under our supervision and controlled circumstances (always refereed). As we frequently ask our karate-ka, "Do you want to take that first hit and be completely surprised when you're on the street in a bad situation, or would you prefer to learn in our controlled and safe environment?"

We offer beginner, advanced, and brown/black belt classes. We welcome karate-ka and black belts (Dans) that have training in other styles. Click on our class schedule, found under the Karate & Fitness tab, for further information about class schedules.

Some major differences you will see if you have studied other styles of Karate are:

Isshinryu Karate punches are executed vertically rather than the traditional corkscrew style. The thumb is placed on top of the fist rather than the side.
Isshinryu Karate blocks are executed with the ulna and radius bones, along with the muscles in between rather than bone on bone, which in other styles is referred to as "hard style" blocking.
Isshinryu Karate kicks and punches are thrown from natural stances, eliminating wasted motions and giving you split-second advantages over opponents using other styles.
Isshinryu Karate stresses proficiency with both hand and foot techniques, making it the most versatile form of Karate because you have no weak points.
Isshinryu Karate is the most realistic style of Karate, stressing close-in techniques necessary for "street fighting" where you haven't time for the elaborate time consuming wind-ups that other styles employ.
Isshinryu Karate is the most sensible form of Karate, with snap-punch and snap-kick techniques that permit you to move in and out quickly, without committing yourself to a disadvantaged position should you miss or misjudge.
Isshinryu Karate is more adaptable to the American physique and temperament than other more rigid styles because it was designed to follow natural body movements.
Isshinryu Karate will put you into excellent/top physical shape because it provides you with an aggressive exercise program that will improve your muscle tone, flexibility, speed, and wind.
Isshinryu Karate may help you in your job since the mental and physical conditioning provides you with an opportunity to "wind down" from daily tensions and frustrations.